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Hashtag Hub Application

hashtag application development by Sourcenet Technology

HashTag IG is a cutting-edge iOS application designed to aid users in identifying top trending hashtags across various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. The app provides personalised suggestions, helping users optimise their social media posts and expand their network.

Key Features:

Hashtag Trends

Users can view trending hashtags across multiple platforms.

Hashtag Group Creation

Users can create a group of up to 20 top trending hashtags relevant to their posts.

Trending Music

Users can discover trending sounds on Instagram to enhance post engagement.

Hashtag Insights

Users can access comprehensive details for each hashtag, including historical likes, post counts, and reels.

Social Media Integration

Users can seamlessly connect their social media accounts for an enriched experience.

Project Architecture

We implemented a Layered (n-Tier) Architecture for systematic project organization.

API Development

All APIs were expertly crafted using ASP.NET Core 7.0.

App Development

We developed an intuitive, user-centric application for iOS users.

Admin Panel

We created a comprehensive admin panel for streamlined content management.

Support & Optimization

We offer continuous support and strive for consistent app optimization to enhance performance post-publication. With a singular focus on enhancing social media engagement and reach, HashTag IG is a powerful tool for users seeking to elevate their social media presence and grow their network.